Angela and Patrick

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Our Story

Our story starts back in 2012 when Angela started her job at the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation managing the Team Challenge half marathon training program. Patrick was in his "Summer of Yes" and when he received the flyer in the mail about Team Challenge's race in Las Vegas, he decided to learn more. Angela swayed him with her fantastic sales skills and feminine wiles and he said...YES....I'll run a half marathon!

Fast forward 16 weeks, Patrick is the perfect half marathon trainee, coming to every training and using his long legs and lean physique to always lead the pack during each training run, even if he was fueled on his pre-run ritual of a donut and chocolate milk. Patrick completes his first half marathon (with a time of 1:53 no less) and Angela cheered him on from the sidelines. Two days later Angela was sitting in the airport on the way home from Vegas and got a text from Patrick inviting her to a dinner party with his friends. She said...YES!

Fast forward again 4 years later, Patrick proposed at the Oakland Zoo on Angela's 30th birthday. After strolling the zoo for a couple of hours, they made it to the elephants, Angela's favorite, and Patrick sat her down and got down on one knee. She said...YES!

We can't wait to celebrate our marriage with all of you in 2018!